Our mission is to provide services to the community through: training, support and consultancy in areas of Information Technology; Customer Care Training and Consultancy; Tour and Travel Services; and Housing Construction and Management services.


Accessible information to increase geographical knowledge and production for better living conditions and sustainable development

Xitec Solutions Limited.

Xitec Solutions Limited is a private company with track record in ICT training and sensitization, and providing basic ICT support to organizations in Uganda.

Xitec Solutions has been working successfully in the market for over 6 years with different private and public organizations, institutions, and individuals including NGOs.

We focus on your business objectives and goals first. Then we design, analyze, implement and monitor our innovative solutions that support streamlined business processes for our clients. In our approach we make effective use of the most appropriate technologies available. This enables Xitec Solutions to have a long term partnerships with its clients.

Xitec Solutions focuses on providing services in the area of customer care training and consultancy, ICT training, sensitization and consultancy, tour and travel solutions and consultancy and constructions and management solutions.

Customer care training and consultancy focuses on improving service delivery. Information Technology services, training and consultancy focuses on having competent information technology-able human resource to increase production. Tour and Travel solutions’ core focus is making people appreciate the environment and surrounding through understanding culture and traditions of the society countrywide. Construction and management focus primarily on improving the living conditions of the society across the country and beyond.

  • Providing information technology services and training.
  • Facilitating organizations with productive and skilled human resource that are well trained in better methods of workethics and integrity.
  • Providing Tour and Travel Solutions to international and national tourists.
  • Providing high level consultancy services in the area of house construction and management.

Xitec Solutions Limited is a Company that listens and believes in People. Service. Support.




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