Q1 - What do you exactly do?
Ans: We train people in areas of Information technology and customer care human resource management; we also provide exclusive services in tour and travel, construction management.

Q2 - What are your rates and charges for the services?
Ans: Our services charges vary depending on what service our client wants to be given, for example, in IT and customer care we look at indoor or outdoor training etc.

Q3 - Do you accept Installments?
Ans: No, not in all services, this also depends on the type of service and cost involved in giving the service.

Q4 - Is Uganda a good Country?
Ans: Uganda is a good country with good weather and hospitable people. Green cover and waters are the pride of the country along side good security.

Q5 - Why don’t you sell Land?
Ans: We have many real estate dealers. But our concern is to make a homes look secure, during construction, after completion and management onsite discipline and proper use and delivery of materials and ratio.