Customer care training and consultancy focuses on improving service delivery in organizations and institutions both public and private sector.

We provide customer care training to all employees including receptionists, marketing, finance, office administrators, and sales personnel and to all other category of employees. Our approach to customer care training and consultancy uses the solutions engineering process for implementing a good framework for delivery of services and these processes include;

Process 1:
Here we get to know and understand your business, we visit the employees and talk to them freely and associate with them. Interviewing both the managers and the employees is important in this process and make recommendations.

Process 2:
Depending on our analysis in process 1, we design an action framework for training the selected group of individuals from within the organization in question. We train employees and we recommend service delivery improvements to be made. Documentation of the action design is made as a metric for feedback from the clients.

Process 3:
This stage focuses on both processes above, we come back to the site and give support to the clients after a period of about one month (Four Weeks); evaluation is made in the areas recommended in process 1 of our solutions engineering process. Improvements are made based on the evaluation done. We give our clients chance to appraise our performance in the services we give to them too.

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